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Homework at WDW by @dibaDisney

Growing up in Florida, I visited Walt Disney World often. I loved all
the fun rides at the theme parks, meeting my favorite Disney
characters, and staying at the beautiful resort hotels. But, because I
traveled here all throughout the year and not just during school
breaks, there was one thing that I couldn't avoid doing: homework! Now
I am a college student and I have much more homework, but I am always
able to complete it, even when I spend a weekend at WDW. (Oddly
enough, I'm more productive here than at home!) How do I do it? Over
the years, I've searched all over Walt Disney World to find the best
places to study, and I am going to share them with you!

 My absolute favorite hotel is Disney's Wilderness Lodge. I spent a lot
of time here with my family when I was younger, and the lodge contains
some of my favorite places to do homework in all of Walt Disney World!
Let's start at the top of the lodge and work our way down.

First, we come across the den, located along the southwest side of the
fifth floor. This small area contains a sofa, an armchair, and a
coffee table. There are windows along the wall, so during the daytime
it's bright in here. However, when the sun goes down, it can get
pretty dark. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic, cozy place to curl up
with a good book (or a boring one, if you don't like your class!). The
coffee table is kind of low, so I wouldn't suggest doing any written
work here. I could not find an accessible power outlet in the den.

A floor below the fifth-floor den is the... fourth-floor den. (Disney
should really be naming these rooms!) Here you will find a couple of
sofas and an ottoman. Once again, this makes a fantastic reading room,
even though this place is darker than the fifth floor because there
are no windows. There's an extra bit of magic here! There is a nice
end table in this den, and it is decently high! This means that you
can easily write or use a laptop while sitting on the sofa. Sadly, I
could not find a power outlet here, so you'll have to find another
place to recharge.

 Right next to the fourth-floor den is a small set of workstations.
This is probably the best place to write or use your laptop because
you can sit down in a nice wooden chair and write on an arm-level
surface. This section is also well-lit due to all the light fixtures.
There are power outlets under the table, but I would not plug anything
in because the lamps use those outlets. A basic rule of Disney outlet
usage: If something is already plugged in, do not use the outlet.

The fourth floor has the most options for doing homework. Across the
lobby, along the northeastern side of the lodge, you'll find a small
area with four chairs and a round table. This place is my favorite
location for doing homework at Wilderness Lodge because of the
excellent view. (It's so easy to become distracted, though!) You can
even take a break and walk outside to enjoy the wonderful Florida
weather. It is very well-lit because of the windows and it has a very
high ceiling. There is a bench along one side, so Mom or Dad could
rest while the kids work at the table. There is a power outlet here,
but it's not located next to the table. If you want to use it, do not
plug something in and then drag the cord all the way across the room.
This could make people trip! Instead, plug your device in and then
leave it out of the way.

Another place where you can do homework is the Roaring Fork Snacks
quick service restaurant. The dining room offers plenty of tables and
chairs for you to sit and work at. It is very well-lit and is quiet
most of the day, except during "normal" meal times, where it can get a
little busy. The only distraction is the Wilderness Lodge background
music loop, which plays in the dining room. It's played fairly low, so
it's not blasting in your ears, but it can still be a distraction to
many students. I found only one accessible power outlet in this room,
and it was located in the east corner of the dining room. A major perk
of this location: if you have a resort mug, you can keep getting
refills when you're thirsty!

Outside near Roaring Fork Snacks, there are plenty of tables and
chairs. This is not one of my favorite places to do homework because
many days, it is too hot outside! Also, it gets pretty loud when kids
are playing at the nearby pool. For some reason, Disney likes to play
obnoxiously loud music to pool guests in the afternoon. This is a
total distraction to children. The location does present a possible
strategy for getting your kids to do homework. For example, if they do
a worksheet, you can reward them with a dip in the pool!

Finally, we'll visit one of my favorite out-of-the-way places at
Wilderness Lodge... the Carolwood Pacific Room! This is located at the
Villas. To get there from the Lodge, walk toward the bus stop and,
instead of turning to get to the buses, continue straight ahead down
the curving path. Walk in through the doors, the Carolwood Pacific
Room is located on the right. This is a beautifully decorated spot,
even if you don't love trains (but it helps if you do!). There are
several tables and chairs where you can work, as well as a few
armchair-style rocking chairs in front of the fireplace. These make
wonderful places to read. The Carolwood Pacific Room is usually very
quiet and well-suited for studying.

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the best homework spots at
Disney's Wilderness Lodge! If you know of any places I left out, or
even other places around Walt Disney World Resort where you like to
get work done, leave a comment to let me know!


  1. Wilderness Lodge is one of my favorite places to hang out too! Usually I'm just resting, but I've blogged from a few of these spots now that there is WIFI available in the resorts. Overall, I found it more peaceful in the morning, but by 5pm the sounds from the Whispering Canyon became too loud for me to focus. Can't wait to hear your next suggestion!

  2. Thanks for the great review of places to do work! I know many kids and people do either homework or work while away on their trips. For me these are great places to relax as they tend to not be super busy places. I hope to get to check some of them out as I have not seen them previously

  3. Ooh, I thought I had put that in my article but I guess I forgot! The locations that open onto the lobby definitely get loud during peak meal times because of the Whispering Canyon Cafe staff!

  4. Yes, you don't need to be doing homework in order to enjoy these places! They are great places to relax during or after a long Magic Kingdom day.

  5. Always nice to find a quiet get away to relax between park visits. These are all wonderful, thanks for sharing your hiding spots :).

  6. I try to go as much as I can. Wished I lived closer. Thanks for sharing your info & pics. I enjoy visiting the different themed hotels and off course the parks.

  7. I don't think I could do homework if I was at WDW but it is nice know if you had too where you could do it. Thanks for sharing your tips


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