Thursday, March 22, 2012

Don't Just Walk On By

Have you ever noticed the details while you're at Disney World? If you're any thing like me you'll often walk on by a fun photo opp in lieu of a ride or attraction (or food). But sometimes it's nice to stop and take that cheesy memory-filled photo of you and the Norway troll. I'm such a dork! But he's such a fun thing to see.

I'm not saying you have to include a pic with the Norway troll as one of you vacation must dos. What I a saying is that we should all take some time out of our busy vacation schedules and just look around! Don't just walk on by (title of the post). There are so many cool little details (or not so little) through out the parks.

If you take a moment you might see a cast member do art with water on the pavement. Or you could see that there are little games you can play outside of It's a Small World... Or you might get off Maelstrom and realize there's a gigantic troll just waiting for a photo opp.


  1. I always enjoy seeing the Norway troll. Glad to see you are patting his nose and not picking it. :)

  2. Norway Troll photos are some of my favorites! He is so versatile!

  3. I try to get pics and rides in but I think i spend too much time taking pics. It's all in good fun and many memories.


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