Sunday, February 26, 2012

Delicious @RosaRegale Jello!

I did it! I created Rosa Regale jello!!!! I knew I could do it. :-) As you guys and dolls know I am a HUGE fan of Rosa Regale. So much so that I declared it the wine of 2011... And 2012 seems like it will also be a great Rosa Regale year.

A little while ago I was watching cooking shows and I say a dude turn wine into jello.... My first thought? ROSA! I knew that the beautiful red and sweet wine would be a great jello. YUM.

Below you will see pics of the cooking process. The description of the pic will be part of the recipe. After the pics I'll sum up my final thoughts on the finished dessert.

Yum Rosa Regale!

Boil about 2ish cups. You need 1 cup of boiling wine and boiling wine causes it to reduce. WARNING: sweet alcohol when heated might cause bad things to happen. Use cation.

I used this special jello that says you can add your own "soda"... I used wine. :-)

The instructions are on the back just in case.
I needed 2 boxes for this recipe.

Jello powder.

You need 1 cup of boiling and 3 cups of cold wine.

Dissolve the powdered jello in the boiling wine for about 3 minutes.

Stir in the 3 cups of cold wine. It will get frothy!

Pour wine into a container of your choice. I recommend disposable wine glasses found at any dollar store. This recipe makes 6 of those.

Used about a bottle and a glass of wine...

And one for the chef! ;-)

After about 4 hours you should have solid jello. Yes, I am holding it upside down for effect.

Doesn't she look pretty?!

Jello should be firm but not hard and should still wiggle.


A few thoughts about the finished product: It took me a bottle and a glass of a Rosa Regale. As many of you know this wine is not cheap. The final product was 6 plastic party wine glasses. So consider that when making it. It's not nearly as sweet as I would have thought. However it is very refreshing and tastes sweet and tangy. You can still taste the fizz, which is good. If you do not like Rosa Regale (how dare you! ;-) this recipe intensifies that flavor so you might want to consider a different wine. It goes straight to your head when you eat it... You WILL get buzzed!


  1. Yes you can! It cost about $21 in the liquor stores near me. On the Rosa Regale website they have a retail locator.

  2. It sounds like a classier (and bigger!) version of jello shots -- awesome!


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