Monday, January 9, 2012

Disney Mug Monday

Hey guys and dolls. You know what one of my favorite things is? To curl up with a mug of my favorite coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. These things taste even better in a Disney mug. Don't believe me? Try it for yourselves and see if your drinks don't taste better when Mickey is staring back at you.

With that in mind I decided to share my 5 favorite mugs with you. I've collected them over the years and they are my go to when it comes to hot beverages... Or soup, or cereal. Did I mention these mugs are HUGE? I use them all the time and keeping them clean is a bit of a chore. ;-)

I hate to pick favorites but I have them. I won't tell you which but they may not be the ones you expect. Although if you follow me on twitter you've probably seen pics of these before. So without further ado (and as I seem to have completely run out of words!) Enjoy the pics!

All 5 mugs. One is shy!

Technically this one belongs to my mom...

My newest mug.

All of this is true!

Love Goofy! They don't make these anymore.

Jack in black...

Need a refill?

Bought the same time as Jack. BOGO!

The End!

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  1. They are all cute but I think the Goofy mug is my favorite. :)


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