Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am temporarily suspending the giveaway until Monday April 4. I am sorry for any inconvenience or displeasure this may cause. My reasons for doing this are personal and I will not go into the details of my private life. If you have any issues with this you can voice them either in the comments here or on the facebook fan page I hope you will understand and be patient with me.

-Dana AKA Dragynally

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dream Shows: Believe (Just Pics)

Well Not Really "Just pics" but mostly! My Friend Marc Lorenzo sent me 76 pics of Believe! Awesome right?! He also said because there were so many I would have to be discerning over which ones I posted... He don't know me very well do he? ;-) So what I've decided to do is break my Believe post into two parts. The first (this post) will be mostly pics. This way you can wet your appetite and ask me questions that I can answer in part 2 which with any luck and pixie dust should be up by tomorrow. Let's recap: Part 1 is today with just pics. Part 2 is tomorrow with more pics and a review. Everyone make sure to once again thank Marc for me! He's the best!!!



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dream Shows: Villains Tonight

Let me start out this post the way I wanted to start the last one. Make sure you don't miss any shows just because of the opinions you hear from other people. One of my friends skipped a show while we were on the Dream. He was told by other people that is wasn't worth it. But because he listened to others he'll never know for himself. So with that in mind let the show reviews continue!

I LOVED Villains Tonight! It was my favorite of the three shows. But I loved it for the same reason a lot of people weren't fans: There was a lot of pop culture humor and improv! The actor who played Hades had to be on his toes the entire time and work with the audience's reactions. I really like that. But some people feel that the pop culture styling felt a bit anti-Disney. I think the pop culture made it feel fresh and new. I hate to blog this out loud but some times Disney stories can get a little stale... There I said it! With Villains Tonight I get the sense that the story stays fresh and is different each time it is played. Yay improv!

The plot of Villains Tonight is a little cheesy. But when the company is run by a mouse that's to be expected! (I'm a dork!) In a post Hades beat be Hercules world the Underworld has become a Vegas style review and a whole lot less evil than it once was. The fates come in and tell Hades that if this place does not become real evil real quick he will lose control of the Underworld. Hades decides to call in as many Disney villains as he can find to help him fill the Evil-o-Meter up. In the end Hades realizes -with the help of a few felonious friends- that the only one who ca make the Underworld evil is him.

Now I loved ALL the musical acts in this. My favorites would have to be the lounge singing Ursula and the hard rock Scar. Both of which looked like they may have stolen some items from my wardrobe! ;-) Oh and proof that even though I am a good writer I am not perfect I got my Cruellas mixed up. THIS Cruella had the fashion show. The Cruella in the Golden Mickey's had my favorite outfit on.

The best part of the show was Hades. He made the show for me because we had a fast talking wise guy. If you see this show please let me know what you Hades was like because I think that might change everything! Also Hades is one of my favorite villains to begin with. I also liked the performances of Pain and Panic but if someone could explain to me why they are wearing glasses that's be great!

Pics by Marc Lorenzo