Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank the Phoenicians!

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. located guys and dolls! (And happy Thursday to everyone else! ;-)

For today's special HoliDaze post I decided to thank the Phoenicians. I know most other blogs are thankful for their friends, family, or readers but if you all don't know how much I am truly gratefully for you then I have failed you and I apologize!

For those of you who don't know who (or what) the Phoenicians are they are the people who invented the alphabet. The created this so they could trade with countries that spoke different languages. What does this have to do with Disney you might ask... In Spaceship Earth there is a point when Judi Dench says "Remember how easy it was to learn your ABCs? Thank the Phoenicians."  And she says it with such an upbeat and cheery tone. And yes I have more often than not yelled out "thank you Phoenicians!"

A year ago I didn't know any of that. And now I feel like a bit of a Disney expert (although I am FAR from it!)

Any who... It has become tradition for me to go to Epcot every trip, ride Spaceship Earth, and thank the Phoenicians. In fact it doesn't feel like a trip without doing so. It's my way of being thankful for my Disney experiences and the joy that comes with them.

Because I am thanking the Phoenicians all of my thanks will be Disney related.

So I thank the Phoenicians for...
  1. The amazing Disney trips I have been able to go on.
  2. My first cruise ever!
  3. Experiencing my first food and wine.
  4. Experiencing my first flower and garden.
  5. Destination D.
  6. My first Star Wars Weekend.
  7. Disney on my BIRTHDAY!!!
  8. The great friends I've made over the past year (I love you!)
  9. Disney... My happy place. 

What are your Disney traditions? How about Thanksgiving? Who do you want to thank?

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  1. I'm thankful for living in Florida. Whenever I start to miss Disney World, I just drive over!


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