Monday, November 28, 2011

Crazy #Disney Fan Girl

Hey guys and dolls! Ever feel like you wanted to go Crazy Fan Girl (Guy) on some of you biggest Disney heroes but were afraid they'd be creeped out by the fandimonium? Well I know JUST how you feel.

I am trying my hardest not to go all FAN GIRL on an artist I recently discovered who does Disney art work. In fact he does some of the most beautiful Disney art this little Dragyn has ever seen.

His name is Noah aka @noahfineart on twitter.(BTW I nearly LOST it when he followed me back on twitter! Shh don't tell! ;-)

I totally own this!
I am such a geektastically huge fan of his work. Portraits of Walt, villains on t shirts and some really awesome vinylmations. It doesn't help that Noah created a vinylmation with the painted image as Maleficent as a Dragyn!!! But don't let my fan girl craziness fool you. Noah's art is amazing. You should check it out for yourself!

No I do not own this $650 vinyl art!

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  1. You know I saw that vinyl today and noticed the price. That is INSANE but I agree that his designs are kick-ass. I especially love the Ursula t-shirt. I don't think we see enough of her in the merch dept! -Chelle


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