Thursday, October 27, 2011

For Klaus: Munich Day 1

Unfortunately Guys and Dolls I am still in a period of mourning. I lost a very much beloved friend and professor recently and I miss him very much. With your permission I'd like to do a series of posts I call "For Klaus". I know it's not Disney but magic comes from the people who have touched our lives. In each post I will honor the man I knew and loved with pictures and stories. I will probably do this about once every few weeks and I don't know for how long. Maybe until the pictures run out. In any case this is the first of the series. It's my first day in Munich with Klaus and some of my now life long friends (loves of my life). Enjoy and feel free to comment...


  1. So, looks like the trip was all about food, bier and glockenspiels (sp)!

  2. Happy that youre honoring your friend and that we get to be apart of it :D

    Jason Alder


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