Tuesday, August 30, 2011

: @RoraBorieAlice & @SquE_Z #SquEZTastic Contest!

I swear I am not doing this for the 5 extra contest entries... Ok I totally am but guys and dolls this is a cool contest for a product I would have never heard of if it weren't for Aurora!

Lovingly copied from Rora's blog. :-)
She explains it WAY better than I do here on her blog.  But from what this little Dragyn can gather it is a case for your lemon or lime wedge that keeps the seeds out of your drink and helps the juice from getting all over. Cool right?! And if you enter Rora's contest you get entered into a chance to win a set of 4. Here's how you enter (lovingly copied and pasted from Tales of a Frumpy Mocha Princess):

Go to the SquE-Z Facebook, "Like" them & let them know that "RoraSquE-ZAlice sent me"
and then come let me know you did so!! +1
( make sure you come back and let me know)
Go to the SquE-Z Twitter Account and Follow them +1
Send a Tweet To @RoraBorieAlice AND @SquE_Z with the hash tag #SquEZTastic +1
Tweet about this Giveaway with the Hash tag #SquEZTastic +1
Add My Button ( it's over ->) To Your Blog +1
Blog about this giveaway with Links +5
So go and enter! Right now! And even when there aren't contests you should read Rora's blog! It's so much fun. :-)

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