Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Paper on Beauty and the Beast (Part 2)

Starting off with the actual film and using it as a text analysis will be done of the film to show that the story, songs, character and technological advancements made it accessible across age and gender lines that allowed for its popularity at the time. Using critic reviews of Beauty and the Beast during its time in theaters will examine how it was critically during this time. This will include its original showing at the New York Film Festival before its release date and see how Beauty and the Beast was received by that audience. Box office records will also be examined to see how well the film did nationally. An examination of the nominations and awards Beauty and the Beast received along with the prestigious Academy Award nominations and wins will help determine how it was accepted as an art form. This information will also show that Beauty and the Beast changed how the Academy considered animated films and whether or not that was positive or negative.  Using current books and articles to see how the film is still being culturally interpreted and received. This will also include how the Beauty and the Beast brand is being used in modern times and how it is translated across media.  In summary the analysis presented will show that Beauty and the Beast was treated with more critical respect and cultural acceptance than any animated film that came before it.
The first step to understanding the significance of Beauty and the Beast is to take a moment and analyze the film as text.  To do this the film must be understood in terms of story, song, character, and technological advancements. Beauty and the Beast is different from most of the animated films that came before it. Its story is more complex. The songs are bigger and more emotional.  Its characters have more motivations. Lastly its technological advancements pulls everything together. Simply put, Beauty and the Beast is Disney Animation Studio’s attempt to raise the bar for themselves.


  1. again, itotally agree, and cant wait for the next part :D

    Jason Alder

  2. What do you mean that the characters have more motivations? What exactly does that mean? Quite frankly, Gaston doesn't appear to have more motivations. He's just full of himself. Oddly enough, so is The Beast. Of course, Gaston stays full of himself while The Beast does not. Hey! What is The Beast's name, anyway?

  3. Beauty and the beast is one of my fav Disney movie. I love the characters and how evil can become good.


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