Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Lair's 1st Birthday!

Hey guys and dolls! In honor of the Lair being a year old now I decided to do "a year in review" so to speak.

I'm going to list the top 10 most read posts of all time and I was hoping we could figure out why they were (some still are) so popular! I'd like to keep blogging for a long time. Really I love it so much and sharing my thoughts and views with all of you. So without further ado the top 10 Lair posts in order are:

10. The Disney Online Community as High School
9. Tales of a Disney Nobody
8. Blog Contest! AKA Help Me Name My Teddy!
7. Vinylmations Artist Jim Valeri
6. This is My 99th Post!
5. Da Rulez!
4. I want to @GetMyMagic!!!
3. Dream Shows: Villains Tonight
2. What's a @Mousevent?

And the number one most viewed Lair post of all time is.....

1. Jonathan Warner Cars 2 the Video Game Producer: An Interview

An interesting mixed bag of topics if I do say so myself... Please let me know your thoughts. Which of these posts do you like best?


  1. Happy anniversary! Thanks for letting me be a "part of your world" after we met by fate.

    Yer pal,

  2. Happy Birthday :D
    And to answer your question 'here', I think that the numbe 10 slot is my fave because I can totally classify myself, and even here, I'm the geek, which I'm good with :D I know a little too much about the collectibles and I am a contributer to DV (as of two weeks ago :D). Just think, another year, it will be two years old :D

    Jason Alder

  3. Happy anniversary! Tales of a Disney nobody struck a note with me...and I appreciated your honesty and vulnerability!

  4. I think my favorite is "Tales of a Disney Nobody." I feel the same exact way. But I think you're a somebody! :)


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