Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Going to the D23 Expo!

So excited for this! I have never in life been to California or Disneyland so this is all new to me! I want to write a really long post talking about my plans and what I hope to see and do but unlike Walt Disney World I have NO clue what I am looking forward to.

So in an attempt to get you more involved in the Lair: What is DLR like? What are the best rides? Where are the best places to eat? Where can a girl get a drink? ;-) And any other info you can give me!


  1. Matterhorn!! A must do!

    Also, DL is not a planning place like WDW. You can make ADRs which are called reservations there but you will be in the minority. I've made ressies as late 1 week out & got what I wanted.

  2. How fun!!! I've never been to Cali or DL so I'm no help at all...just excited for you :)

    See that Lori Abramson knows everything I tell ya! LOL

  3. My two cents...DL is very cool...but be prepared for it to be very small and because it doesn't have the "berm" that is common in theme parks today its fairly obvious that you are in the middle of lots of craziness outside the park.

    Food wise, Blue Bayou is a must. And that one you WILL need a dining reservation for. Not only is the food divine but the interior decor is fantastic.

    Matterhorn of course is a must since is DL exclusive. The Disney Gallery was fun to check out as well. I enjoyed Indiana Jones adventure but the ride vehicle is like Dinosaur so not everyone does. Mr Toads Wild Ride of COURSE, I'm still mad its gone at Magic Kingdom. Their space mountain is a bit different than MK and I love it. And I love the Storybook land Canal Boats.

    DCA has changed a lot from when I was there, but based on what's there now, my must do's are the original Soarin, California Screamin, and of course the new Ariels Undersea Adventure ride!

    For dining at downtown disney some of my favorites are La Brea Bakery, Tortilla Jos, and Catal.

  4. so your going down to the d23 event...what are the chances that (1)you will be picking up the exclusive vinylmation for contests ...and (2) if not for contests, to pick up a gladstone duck, i would send you moolah :D i still think that this is one of my favorite disney blogs out there :D keep on keeping on :D

    Jason Alder
    disneymozart @ twitter


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