Saturday, May 7, 2011

Going to Disney....AGAIN?!

Yes ladies and gents. I am going on ANOTHER Disney trip. For the first time in my life I am taking more than one trip every decade! Yes the time between my 2nd and 3rd trip to Disney World was about 7-8 years. But the time between my 3rd and 4th trip was only 5 months and between my 4th trip and this one were only 2 months... I think I may be close to Disney certifiable!

Spaceship Earth from Italy

I am well aware of how lucky I am to be able to go to Disney as much as I have been. I've heard stories of people who have had over a decade between trips. Some almost 20 years. But I also know there are people who are adults who have spent their entire lives without a trip to Walt Disney World. My best friend went for her first time this last September and we are about the same age. Frankly I think people like my best friend have every right to look crazies like me in the eye and say "you're going to Disney...AGAIN?!" Because let's be honest not everyone gets to go.

I keep trying to justify going as much as I do. In fact I used to be one of the people who thought that anyone who went to Disney more than once every few years was crazy and couldn't really appreciate it. But then I started making friends with frequent Disney flyers.

People who go a lot go to events or for short weekends. It's rare that you see people going all out on every trip they take. So they save up there pennies, stay in a value resort, and eat off the snack menu. Well not in every case but sometimes that's how it works.

My excuse now that I write this blog and for other sites is that this is research. Don't get me wrong this research is as fun as being a food critic! But I still consider it "work". I want to make sure I have something to talk about and share with all of you. Who knows I may be your link between your world and the "World". I want to make sure I write about things that interest you and help you.

I am also fortunate enough to make Disney friends. I stay with them or share a room with them and my costs are cut significantly.  I have also figured out that I don't need souvenirs from every trip. Or if I do get souvenirs I only get things I cannot live without. Another thing I learned is how it pick my restaurants according to my budget. Basically I don't have to eat at Citricos for every meal.

So with my excuse and money saving ideas in hand May 9 I will be leaving on a jet plane (couldn't help myself) to go back to the place I love so much. I hope to try out more restaurants and share them with you and tell you about the events that I am lucky enough to go to. Maybe I'll luck out and come home with an interview or 2.


  1. Sending pixie dust for a magical trip!

  2. Hey I have only been there 3 times (well Ok I guess my forth was a cruise on the magic).

    I get that you are going again? Why would you wantto keep going back there? Haven't you seen enough? I am sure you get them to.

    The one thing we don't do is rent a cottage (something everyone here seems to do) or spend a lot of time travelling. We like Disney and it works for all 6 of us.

    I wish I could go again soon too, but alas the money gods haven't smiled on me enough to go back this year. Now if I was single I could easily hop on a plane and get there.

    Have a fabulous trip!!!! Have a dole whip for me.


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