Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Bring on the Sparkle!

So you're going to a big Royal Wedding viewing party this Friday? What do you wear? Fear not! This Dragyn has some cool accessory ideas that you can use to feel like royalty. Not just for a party but in your everyday life.

I believe in sparkle. And I do not believe being sparkly should be reserved for special occasions. Or more accurately I think EVERYDAY is a special occasion.  But how do you bring some sparkle in to your casual wardrobe in a subtle but really fun way? Well that's what I am here for!

So let's start with the head and work our way down... (FYI these are pieces from my own wardrobe!) What's great is that these pieces are versatile. Everything in this post can be worn with the nicest dress or just jeans and a t-shirt.

Since I consider myself a princess I have to resist the urge to break out a tiara every time I leave the house. I make up for societies tiara taboo but wearing sparkly headbands! I love headbands to begin with because they complete an outfit or hold your hair back. The two shown below are sparkly off to the side which is nice. But even a fully jewel encrusted headband still looks nice.

Me next favorite piece of everyday sparkle are bracelets. I love that even if I wear no other jewelry a nice bracelet can make an outfit feel completely pulled together. Bracelets are also the ninjas of sparkle. That means that most people don't notice them at first but when they do you always get compliments.

Below are 2 of my favorites. The first is reflective and metallic. It's simple design makes it so it goes with any outfit.

My favorite bracelet (so much so that this is the second one a bought after the first broke and I might buy more) is the sparkly cuff. I love this because it is completely jewel encrusted and shines and makes all my outfits special. But even with all the sparkles the cuff design makes it really casual and fun to wear with everything!

Last and not least is don't forget your shoes. My favorite way to get your feet to sparkle especially with summer around the corner are sparkly sandals! The look really cute and can be added to a swim set or a nice sundress to dress it up.

But just to show that you can wear sparkles all year round let me show you one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

Yes those are silver sequined sparkle Doc Martin boots... Perfect for the snowy Northeast winters and a show stopper every time I wear them. Now because they are boots they are versatile in the winter but I have yet to try them with a fancy dress.

To recap: Sparkle good. A lot of sparkle in a little accessory can make any outfit happy. And EVERYDAY is a special occasion!

Note: Go HERE for more Wedding Wednesday info and Royal Wedding Viewing Party info.


  1. Love all of these... especially the doc martin sparkly boots! :)

  2. Love the headband and love the boots!!


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