Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The "Hollywood" Brown Derby

Hey guys and dolls! Let's talk about what is now my favorite lunch spot in all of WDW!

The Hollywood Brown Derby is located in scenic Disney's Hollywood Studios. In almost a corner of the park. In fact if my friends hadn't walked me to it I might have just walked past it.

Now thanks to Disney Food Blog I had wanted to the Brown Derby for a while but figured when would I get the time. When I go to Hollywood Studios I am there to ride!

But this trip seemed different. I was making new friends and we were just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. We stepped out of the hustle and the bustle of the park and sat down for what turned out to be a really great lunch.

When you step into the Brown Derby it's like you stepped in to a classic Hollywood movie. There are amazing caricatures on the walls of famous people. Some of them (only a few that I could tell) are originals. There are also pics of what the original Brown Derby looked like. I think Disney did a great job recreating it!

The atmosphere of the Brown Derby is dark and cool. It is also very quiet or at least it was when I went. You feel like you are in a 5 star restaurant in a big city circa the 1950's. The seating was plush and me and my friends all got settled in a lovely corner booth. On of my friends even made sure I got the best view! My favorite decorative detail about the Brown Derby are the brown derby lamps... How cool are they?!

Lunch was really simple but REALLY good! I had the Brown Derby's two signature dishes the Cobb salad and the grapefruit cake. I loved them both!

The Cobb salad is an original recipe of the Brown Derby and has a great story behind it. One of Cobb's friends was having trouble chewing so Cobb made this salad and cut up everything really small.

This salad is SO different from any salad I've had that dare call itself a Cobb. The texture is fabulous (well I loved it). Every ingredient is cut up as small as it can be while still maintaining it's integrity. Meaning even though the shreds of lettuce were ridiculously tiny you still knew you were eating lettuce and could distinguish it from the rest of the salad.

The flavors were amazing. The dressing was a bright vinaigrette, there was the salty crunch of bacon and the smoothness of avocado. I loved the turkey which was cooked to perfection. And even though I am not a blue cheese fan it fit in perfectly in this salad. Everything just tasted really good together.

And what is nice about the salad is it is an appetizer for 2 but a great filling lunch for this Dragyn! I think I ate about 3/4 of it and had to give up. My taste buds said yes but my stomach wasn't having it.

Salted Butter always good!

But even with a full tummy I had to try the infamous grapefruit cake. But this I split with my friends. This was so different. I loved how it was rich and refreshing all at the same time! The cream cheese icing is already my fave so that mixed with the moist yellow cake and the bright (I use that word a lot) flavors of grapefruit was delicious. I warn that this dessert is for the adventurous and so worth a try!

Remember me if you are ever at the Studios around lunch and save me a bite! ;-)


  1. We are hoping to eat at the Brown Derby for dinner the night we are there. Everytime I read a review of the place I get more and more excited!

  2. One more thing to add to my WDW "Bucket List!"

  3. I would love to try Brown Derby one of these trips! Our favorites list is getting so long, it is becoming harder and harder to leave some of them off the list to try new ones! LOL!


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