Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Spoonful of Cynicism...

Because if we took everything in life with a spoonful of sugar we'd have cavities.

Cynicism: The last thing you want to bring with you to Disney parks.... Or is it?

Let's start with the origins of a spoonful of cynicism and we'll go from there.

My best friend Dawn and I were riding the monorails on our second day of her first (my third) Disney trip. We had decided that today was going to be our day in Epcot! Now on the Disney crazy fan o-meter I am about a solid 7 (I love Disney. Wish I could go more often. But no I cannot tell you the best day or time to book Cinderella's castle.) Dawn was not a fan at all until this trip.

So as we sit there riding the rails we over hear every complaint know to man. "The monorail is running too slow if it keeps it up I am walking" "Epcot was so crowded last time." "I heard it was going to rain today. I'm not staying out in that!"

Really people?! You are AT Disney! Dawn and I complain about almost everything but we were just so happy to be in the happiest place on earth that the world could have collapsed and we still would have smiled!

So after hearing all of that our buzz was sort of killed but we kept on. We went to Soarin' and waited about an hour to get on with the pushy couple behind us trying to cut in line. Then we went on the Seas with Nemo. After that I had a hunger headache and ripped my shirt and so I was just about ready to leave.

Then we went to see Captain EO. We both hated it! (Sorry if you love it.) But our mutual hatred made us laugh and laugh and we realized it was just fun to say we did it. We made every joke about it we could and more!

With our second wind we lined up for Test Track. By then the skies where getting gray and we were sure it was going to rain. But we figured what the heck we're here now!

As we waited in line the PA repeated over and over how if it rained the ride would be stopped for our safety. And for about an hour we heard this warning but we stuck it out. We figured by now that it would be our turn and THEN they would shut down the ride. But we laughed made jokes and took it all in stride.

Finally it was our turn and we hopped in that car with 4 strangers and prepared to ride!

We rode and screamed and laughed and then came the outside portion of the ride. The doors flew open and it was raining! It was so beautiful I cannot describe it. Me and Dawn raised our arms (I think I did the "rock on" symbol) and cheered! And when we got off we found out we were the last ride of the day! (Or at least until the rain stopped.)

As we headed over to the world showcase the rain beat down on us and we were soaked but we smiled. We started singing a spoonful of cynicism helps the Disney go down. What we meant was it was our usual inability to see anything as wonderful or perfect that made Disney fun for us. We don't need the monorail to get us there in 5 minutes flat. We are shocked the monorail is running at all!

So the next time you want to complain about Disney World and the long lines and the waits maybe you should take a spoonful of cynicism and realize in a land that seems like it is always perfect and the sun is always shining maybe we all need to learn to sing and dance in the rain!


  1. Well said, Dana! We always joke about "Happy Disney Families" who do nothing but complain the whole time they are at WDW. But I can't believe you dissed Captain EO...

  2. Love the last few lines. That is how I look at life somedays.


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