Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Thank You Letter to Disney Store President

Hey gang! I'm not sure if you are aware of all the the things going on for my blog but let me get you up to speed.

Before I went to Germany I had plans to interview Disney store President Mr. Jim Fielding on my blog. Well the best laid plans of mice and Dragyns go awry and it was canceled. But in the same email Mr. Field's PR people sent to cancel that interview I was also given some great opportunities. The first was that they asked me if my readers would like a vinylmation giveaway... Dude I almost screamed when I read this! Would you guys like a vinyl giveaway?! Is that a trick question?! The second thing I found out is that they were going to try and set me up with a vinylmation artist to interview. FAN GIRL GASP!!!

I sent out the email the next day so I could get this all set up for you guys. And now a few weeks later I sit ready to transcribe my interview with Jim Valeri who created the Banzi and Stromboli in the villains collection. He is also all around awesome! But you'll see what I mean Friday. The other thing is I now have a 24 set box of villains vinylmations just chillen in my room waiting to be given away! The second I get back from vacation I will post the rules to my 24 days of giveaways and we will get started soon after. :-)

In the mean time what I really wanted to do in this post is write a formal letter to Mr. Jim Fielding thanking him for everything he has done. I know maybe I should type one up and send it via his PR people. But he is a very busy man and I feel like I have bothered him enough. So without further ado...

Dear Mr. Fielding,

I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for all you have done for me and the readers of my blog. Several months ago when I contacted you on twitter about an interview for my blog I did not expect any response. But the fact that you not only responded but agreed was very special to me. You were willing to be interviewed by an unknown and took it as seriously as you would a newspaper. You respected me and my readers and I really appreciate that.

When I received the email that our potential interview had fallen through I was disappointed.  However as a testament to you and how you care about fans of Disney I was given new opportunities. You gave me and my readers the chance to get to know and vinylmations artist and the behind the scenes of the craft. You also gave my readers a chance to get a vinylmation of their very own and I know they will appreciate that.

Mr. Fielding you are a good man and good at business. You will forever have my gratitude and respect and a permanent place on my personal heroes list. I hope to be like you one day.

Dana aka DragynAlly


  1. that is a fantastic letter! what a fantastic response from him... it's not every day that a corporate bigwig would do something like that! go you!

  2. Nice post, nice letter, and nice to see another fine example of corporate citizenry gone right! In this age of 24 hour news, corporations and their executives seem to be vilified before even saying word one. It's people like Mr. Fielding that prove that "the suits" are people too, and he GETS that social media is a two-way communication, unique in the intimacy between a consumer and a company.

    Well done, Dana!

  3. Even though I don't understand the hype of vinylmation (jr and 2) series...(dare I say "Pongs anyone?")

    I am curious of the artist and maybe I'll like it. Just don't know about it. But I'm looking forward to the interview though!!

    Thanks Disney Store President and Thank you Dana for allowing us your readers to be sprinkled with pixie dust by winning some vinylmation villians. :D :)

  4. Wow. This really shows the true class from both you and Mr. Fielding. Great job Dana! I'm so glad that you were given that wonderful opportunity.


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