Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A few of my favorite things....

I'm bored and fascinated by my new blog/emailing capabilities!

So I decided to share with you all an interesting dessert. If you are ever
in Animal Kingdom go to Yak and Yeti. Trust me on this one. Order
whatever entree makes you happy but for dessert try the cream cheese
won-tons! An awesome combo of fried and creamy these things are delish!
They make my life. My favorite part is that it's not too sweet. It
light flavor combined with pineapple and the sauce makes for a light
but yummy treat.


  1. I have Yak and Yeti's on our list for possible ADRs next trip. The menu looks really good! This dish looks like something I would definitely love!

  2. Arrgh! You're just going to kill my diet aren't you? I've got a WDW trip planned next month, and I keep meaning to sample these!


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