Saturday, February 19, 2011

Disney Dream-ing

Makin' Memories

Hey gang your friendly neighborhood Dragyn here! I am going on the Dream in a little over a week (YAY!!!) and I am beyond excited to see the new ship and to go on my first cruise. There is so much to do aboard the new ship I am so worried that I will be overwhelmed! Especially considering that this trip is actually a Disney fan meet courtesy of of WDW Radio and Mouse Fan Travel... Meaning that I will be on a boat with over 500 other Disney fans.

Can I be honest with you guys? (Warning! This post might be negative for a little while. If you only want pixie dust skip to the bottom where "The list of stuff I am excited for on the Disney Dream" is posted!) I love Disney and I am to some extent a people person. But 500 people is a lot and I am so scared. The thoughts running through my head include (but are not limited to): What if they don't like me? What if they think I am weird? What if they're upset that I am not as hardcore about Disney as they are? I am trapped for 4 days on a boat with people who have never met me.

Well I guess I have met a few. 2 to be exact. My roommate Cheryl who-along with her husband Todd- is my first Disney friend. And I recently met Marc who is another writer for the WDW Fan Zone and a great guy. So I have that. And then there is the hope that with so much to do on board that is I ever need space or to get away there is something to do and somewhere to go.

I guess my worst fear is that I am jinxing myself before I even get there. Who knows? Maybe I will be the life of the party and I will make a lot of great new friends. I really hope so. And it'll be so nice to meet all the great tweeple I talk to everyday in 3D! In fact just that thought makes me smile.

Ok now that I have gotten my concerns out of the way let's talk about what I am excited for!

The list of stuff I am excited for on the Disney Dream (in no particular order):
  1. The AquaDuck! This clear lazy river/water slide appeals to my thrill seeking side. 
  2. Remy! This adults only restaurant is a foodie dream(pun!) with a chef's table style menu and some of the best wine on board! (yay food)
  3. The restaurants! Ok back to food but really with items like Shrimp and Caramelized Onion Cheese Cake (yum!) my inner foodie is having a field day!
  4. The swim up bar... Wait I don't think you heard me... SWIM UP BAR! I have loved water since infancy and a good drink since (well I won't go into that) but the point is this combines two of my great loves.
  5. The shore excursions! I have only booked two but I am going to ride in a glass bottom boat in Nassau and I am petting stingrays in Castaway Cay!
  6. The District! Can you say "adult only night clubs"? Of course. I knew you could.
  7. The Midship Detective Agency! This game from what I can tell is akin to the Kim Possible game in Epcot... That works for me.
  8. PIRATE NIGHT!!! That is all.
  9. The Broadway style shows! I love the theater and do not get enough of it in my real life. 
  10. Sitting in my stateroom and looking at the ocean out my window... Yeah. That might be my favorite part.


  1. I had a bunch of the same fears before the Disunplugged cruise. I ended up having a great time-it's pretty easy to either have more intimate moments with people, or to take some solo time.

  2. Just think about the Brady Bunch episode when Marcia was taking her driving test and imagined her tester without clothes. Imagine everyone is wearing polka dot boxers! Seriously, weird just means different. We are all different; ergo, we are all weird. You will have a GREAT time! Don't sweat the small stuff!

  3. I sure that you will have a blast Dana! I am willing to bet that you will make some lifelong friendships aboard the Dream! You already made one in me even before you left the dock! "You've got a friend in me!" :-)
    Keep Dreaming Big!


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