Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Things About Munich Germany

Hey all! As the time draws ever nearer to my Germany trip I get a little more excited. I have been taking class and learning more and more about Munich's culture and history and I am fascinated! (I am a nerd.) I've decided to share some of the most interesting facts and random tidbits with all of you!

Hope you find them as interesting as I did.

  1. Munich is the capital of Bavaria
  2. Munich or Munchen mean monk or in this case special beer producing monks!
  3. Blue and white in a diamond pattern are Bavaria's colors
  4. BMW mean Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke)
  5. The entire country of Germany is smaller than Montana
  6. Munich is one of the top economies in Europe
  7. Most restaurants have brand loyalty and will only serve beer from one brewery
  8. Schindler made escalators- Yes THAT Schindler
  9. The Munich "new" town hall (Neues Rathaus) is about 100 years old
  10. Butter is sometimes served cut into cubes and floating in ice water
  11. Munich has over 900 fountains
  12. Some American expats call it  "toy town" because it is fun
  13. Munich zoo is only "geographic" zoo- animals located by where they are in the real world
  14. Deutches Museum is the worlds largest science museum 


  1. You left out #15....they have the worlds best beer. ;) (seriously, I sound like a lush but I fell in love with Munich...and her beer!)

  2. Hmm, the butter in the ice water sounds interesting.


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