Friday, January 28, 2011

My First Contest of the YEAR!!!

Hello guys and dolls! Now that I am back from Germany (trip report soon I promise!) I wanted to start giving away some of the stuff I bought for you from Munich! So this is my first contest of the year! WOOO!  Be excited!

There are several ways to enter and each one counts toward how many times your name is entered into the drawing. First of all you have to read and comment on my interview with WDW Fan Zone!

Bonus entries come from following dragynally on twitter, following @WDWFanZone on twitter, liking WDW Fan Zone on facebook, and a pop quiz type question I will post on twitter. Many will enter one will win. The prize is a Germany gift pack that will include a Donald Duck graphic novel written in German. The last day to enter is February 11 so let's do this! :-)

Forgive the backwardsness!

So happy to be back and to share the joy and swag with all of you! ♥


  1. So Dragon for strength & short for your middle name :) @dznymum

  2. I commented on the article, already follow you and WDWFanZone on Twitter and like WDWFanZone on Facebook. :)


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