Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is in a name?

This (like my other 3 posts) will be relatively short... But I realized that I have a weird screenname. DragynAlly?! What the...
Ok like other words you learned as a child it should be broken down phonetically.

Drag-in (or more simply Dragon) and Al-lee.  Dragon Ally. So why would someone who's name is anything but Ally and definately not Dragon choose such a screenname? Well that too requires a little breakdown.

Dragons are symbols usually of strength. I was once told they were symbols of inner strength and this stuck with me. As a kid I was often picked on and felt emotionally and socially weak. I adopted the symbol of dragons to hopefully bring some of that strength to myself and my persona. It helped.

Now as an "adult" (I refuse to believe in adulthood btw ;) I am not as easily hurt by the stupidity of others. But I keep the Dragon with me.

The Ally is actually the easier part to explain. My name IS Ally. But before you get all mad at me and say I lied to on twitter and facebook and you thought my name was Dana, my middle name is Allyn. Drop the N and you have Ally..... And that's what's in a name. ;-)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Never Have I Ever....

Have you ever played "never have I ever"? It's usually a fun drinking game where one person says "never have I ever..." and if you've ever done the deed in question you drink. Well I started thinking a I realized at the age of 25 there are a lot of this I have never done that most 25 year olds have. I figured for the sake of getting it off of my mind I would just put it on blast so....

Never Have I Ever:
Had a significant other (Nope never had a boyfriend EVER!)
Been on a real date
Owned my own place
Gotten a tattoo
Gone to a club or bar alone
Gone to the movies alone
Had a 9 to 5 job

I'm sure there's more and I'll post them soon enough. But these are the ones that get to me.

But in all fairness there are things that I HAVE done that most 25 year old may not have.

Been to London
Been to Paris
Been to the Dominican Republic
Gotten my nose peirced
Been to Disney World 3x
Graduated College
Started grad school
Planned a trip to Germany

Needless to say it's a charmed life... I just wish I did more!