Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Disney Chronicles: Planning pt. 1

For the past 2 months I have been working on planning my first Disney vacation in over 7 years! Super excited needless to say. I decided to start this blog to write about Disney from the perspective of someone who doesn't get to visit Disney a couple times a year (or even once a year). For some people Disney is a once in a lifetime experience and so I am writing this for them.
As I plan I realize there are so many sites dedicated to helping you plan and plot out your trip. Unfortunately I found out about all of these AFTER I booked my vacation. Oh well. One of my first pieces of Disney planning advice is let the lovely cast member on the phone sweep you up in "the magic." But only after you have a firm grasp on your budget.Know your budget very well BEFORE you make that call. Cast members are nice and friendly but at the end of the day they want to sell you something.
When I started planning my vacation I knew I had about $4000 to work with. That is a lot for a Disney vacay but I never go and had been saving up for years.
So what does DragynAlly mean sweep you up in "the magic?" Well when I called I didn't know what I wanted. I asked about the Animal Kingdom Lodge but there was no room. (Sad days) But then the lovely cast member- whose name alludes me- suggested that I stay in the Bay Lake Tower of Disney's Contemporary Resort. Ok? I thought. Then he explained that I could have a Castle View room! Cast member: 1 DragynAlly: 0.