Saturday, December 18, 2010

I want to @GetMyMagic!!!

So I was up late one night tweeting from my iPhone when I spied the following tweet: @DisneyWorlds A new venture has begun! @ Just beginning - in progress - love ur feedback....

"Ooh I have to see!" I thought. Turns out our very own @ChefBigFatPanda has ANOTHER side project in the works. Between InnerMouse, the Disney Food Blog, and his work with Mystique Shopper I have no clue where he found the time!

Get My Magic Logo

I went to the site and it is a simple idea that is a Disney fan's dream come true! John will search out Disney World merch that you cannot find online and send it to your home! How cool is that?!

Let me start by saying I love John! He is an awesome person and an invaluable part of the Disney community. I was so fortunate to be able to interview him.

John himself!

John Saccheri first fell in love with Disney when he was 5. He grew up poor but at his dad saved money to take the family to Disney World. According to John seeing Disney world was a shock to his 5 year old brain and it was magical. He didn’t go again until he was 13 but it was still magical. As an adult John now lives 30 minutes away and despite people telling him he would outgrow it John still loves Disney.

It was out of this love of Disney that the idea for “Get My Magic” grew.  As he was sitting in Downtown Disney one day he overheard people talking about the December 17 2010 release of the new “Figment” vinylmation.  Some people even stated going to eBay with hopes of getting in on the presale of the item. John took a moment to research the eBay prices and saw an item that would normally sell for around $50 retail was selling online for $300 or more. It was then John realized that maybe there was a need for a cheaper way to get Disney parks exclusive merchandise.  Because John lives so close to the magic he realized he could be a sort of Disney personal shopper. 

When I said to John that I did not believe his idea was new or novel in any way he completely agreed. He actually stated that he was certain that a million people had this idea before him. The idea of a personal shopper is not new. What John believes is his main distinction is his love and proximity to Disney World and all things Disney. He also believes that his strong ties to the Disney community will give him a platform for his services at “Get My Magic”. I can personally vouch that John’s friends in the Disney community have great hopes for his service and cannot wait to see what happens next.   

I also asked John who he thought the services of “Get My Magic” were for. Honestly if you are someone who goes to the park even once a year what is stopping you from getting your own Disney World merchandise.  John was honest with me and stated that if you have easy access to Disney World products then this service may not help you. “Get My Magic” is for the rare, hard to find, limited edition stuff Disney is famous for.  John gave several examples of even small items Disney had in only a limited availability. Including a small popcorn bucket that’s availability was so rare it was only offered in the Smuckers store in Magic Kingdom. Items like this are what John hopes to find for his customers.

When I asked John where the name “Get My Magic” came from he simply stated that he knew it couldn’t have the name Disney attached to it and even though the idea came from the popularity of vinylmations John wanted to make sure that customers knew this was the site to go to for all of their exclusive Disney World shopping needs. 

So how would “Get My Magic” work you wonder?  Glad you asked! If you got to you will see a list of links on the left hand side. Click the one that says “order magic now.” You fill out the lovely form and the process has begun.  After that you will receive a quote of how much the item (with tax and shipping) plus a small fee for John’s services. 

When I asked John about the fee he explained that it would be around $25-$50 depending on the item, its availability, and John’s ability to locate it. Simply put the rarity of the item determines the fee.

After the price is quoted to you there will be a link to paypal so that you can make payment. Then, hopefully, John finds your item and sends it to you. 

But wait, you say, what happens if the item is sold out or John cannot find it. I already paid him. Well that payment is guaranteed and if the item cannot be found you are refunded the total cost.  (Yay!)

When I asked John what he thought the future of “Get My Magic” he said it will either die a painful and fast death or become even greater than anyone could ever imagine. He compares it to Owner’s Locker. Someone saw the need and filled it and now a small idea is an amazing business. That is the hope for “Get My Magic.”

If you are interested in finding more or using the “Get My Magic” service check out John’s website. Or email him at

Thank you so much John for the interview. Hopefully John will be lurking on my site and if you have questions please leave them in the comment and John might answer them! :-) 


  1. Thank you so much Dana. Love you bunches!!!

  2. A very nice article about a very innovative business. With the outragous markups on eBay this service is needed in the marketplace! I look forward to using this service again in the future!

  3. Yay! I LOVE that John is doing this! I posted a link to the page on my FB page too because my friends in Seattle will be in LOVE with this idea! :)

  4. What a great idea for a small business venture and fulfilling a needed service too. He might find himself overwhelmed with requests. Very entrepreneurial! (Sp? sorry)

  5. I absolutely love that photo of John. It makes me laugh and ponder what in the world is he thinking of! I am sure that his popularity will lead to a very successful site! Thanks for the article! Doing such fine work!


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