Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Disney Store NYC Tweetup!

December 11, 2010 at 1pm I am planning a tweetup (meet up) at the Disney store in NYC's Times Square! Very exciting and the first large scale event I have ever tried to plan. Now for those of you who read my first Disney store NYC post you might be wondering why I said all of the critical stuff I said and am now going back.

 Well truth be told I love NYC and Disney and I am just using this as a excuse to be as close to both as possible! I also wanted to meet up with a few tweeps (Twitter + Peeps) and talk Disney.

Now here in lies the problem. I have never run a tweet up before. Besides shamelessly advertising and trying to get people to meet up and share in the joy of NYC and Disney I have no clue what I am doing.

I know that I want people to be at the Disney store around 1. My hope is that after an hour of shopping everyone will be hungry and want to have lunch near by. Lastly anyone feeling ambitious (see:crazy) after lunch is welcome to grab the subway with me and head over to Babycakes in NYC. Not a bad plan.
I guess I am worried about what I need to do at the tweetup. Do I introduce myself and my blog to people attending? Should I have giveaways? I really want to turn DragynAlly into a brand of some sort but I need a mascot. (In other words no DragynAlly merch to giveaway.)

Another reason for this trip is to try to get a second look at the place I judged so harshly. I was asked by WDW Field Guide to do a review for her blog (YAY I am somebody, lol). I want to give people a full perspective on the store and what is good/bad and interesting about it. I also want way better pics now that I have a new camera!

My last reason for this tweetup is to see Babycakes NYC (The original!) There has been so much talk about DTDBabycakes NYC (Downtown Disney Babycakes NYC) that I really wanted to see what all the hub bub is about... Bub! I wanted to try a vegan cupcake and vegan cookies and write about them here! :-) I also wanted to bring so home to test on my family so I can get reviews from several people.

So to recap:
  1. Dana is going to NYC December 11 at 1
  2. First she will meet everyone at the Disney store
  3. There Dana will take pics and notes while people shop
  4. The "group" will snag lunch somewhere
  5. Any brave people will schlepp over to Babycakes NYC
  6. All will go home happy
  7. Dana will write more blogs....
Well it was all fun and games until that last one! ;-)

To find out more click HERE or contact Dana at twitter.com/dragynally


  1. I'll be there!! :) Will def have to scoot home right after Babycakes since I have a stupid exam on Monday I should be studying for but can't wait! :) Hmm...I'm also going to be driving in...I wonder if it's just a few of us, we can all fit in my car and head over to Babycakes?

  2. I love the disney store int he city. I just dont know why they didnt put a Pirate League or Bippity Boppity Bootique in it. It really bothers me!

  3. OMG!! I was in that store. It is amazing. I really do need to go back.


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