Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Contest! AKA Help Me Name My Teddy!

I am 25 years old and cannot sleep with out my Teddy bear. I have had her since I was 8 and we are rarely apart. I say rarely because when I take long trips I don't bring her with me for fear I will lose her. Knowing this my mom has been working on finding a bear for me to take to Germany with me. Well mom found one!

This is a picture of the teddy bear my mom found:

She has no name. :-( SO seeing as I am headed to the Disney store NYC this Saturday and can buy a nice prize, I decided to make a game out of naming her! :-)

From now until Monday December 13 I will be accepting posts with name suggestions. Just leave a comment with what ever you think would be a suitable name for her. (A few hints: She's about the size of my palm, she's going to Germany with me.)  Tuesday December 14 I will have a new blog post up announcing the prize for the contest and a list of names for people to vote on! (Cool right?!)  Votes will be in the form of a comment with the name you like best. Name with the most votes wins! :-)

A few rules:
  1. Please keep the name G rated
  2. Please only one name submission per person (So think hard before you post.)
  3. Contestants must be in US (So that shipping doesn't cost me a mint!)
  4. Comments on this post are the only accepted form of submission. 
  5. You have from now until Monday December 13 at 11:59pm to post a name.
  6. A second blog post will be up December 14 with a list of names. That's when voting starts.
  7. Voting will end December 17 at 11:59pm
  8. A picture of the prize for this contest with be posted in the December 14 post.
  9. A "vote" is a comment with the name you you like best and why. 
  10. Voting will be limited to the number of names available to be voted on (I.E. if there are 5 names to choose from you may vote 5x)
  11. The person who's name gets the most votes wins the prize.
  12. Many will enter (I hope) but only one can win.
Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Let's have a little pre-HoliDaze fun shall we?!


  1. Elsa, like the blond in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. She should have a German name so you can always remember she was from the Germany trip :)


  2. Harmonia Ursa Minimus. Harmonia is the Greek goddess of harmony and concord. Ursa Minimus being bad Latin for small bear. So, it's a small bear that brings you harmony. And her initials are HUM, which is fun. HUMmy, for short, maybe?

  3. Uma, short for Umarmen which is German for hug.

  4. I choose Freddie which is a mash up of the real word for Friend in German "die Freundin" :) that way your friends are always with you!

  5. How about Flocke after Nuremberg's famous Polar Bear? I think it means Snowflake (and your bear is dressed for the snow). She's a very cute little bear that lives in the French Riveria now but was quite famous after being handraised even with the zoo's strict non-interference policy.

  6. You should name her Heidi, i named one of my teddy's Heidi, and she is from WDW Epcot Germeny!
    I still have her today! :D

  7. how about Bärchen which is a german term of endearment, which roughly translates to "little bear"

  8. I would go with a Disney character name, like Eve from Wall-E or maybe Nala from The Lion King.

  9. How about Adriana? Its the name of the actress who did the voice of snow white. Snow white is set in Germany and also has a tie to your love for Disney. :)

  10. I hope I make it in! I think you should name her Karamell! -- @AmyBethCombs


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