Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why yes Virginia, there is a Disney Store President!

Ok Before I finally finish my blog post about the Disney store in NYC opening and D23 event I want to talk a little about the Disney Store President Mr. Jim Fielding.

I met him at the D23 even and let me tell you ladies and gents he was a very lovely man to talk to.
Mr Fielding was open and honest and very approachable. He was also very candid about mistakes the company has made and listened closely to customer (Disney fan) feedback and questions. When asked Mr. Fielding talked about his hopes for the future of the company and how the design of the NYC store would be an example of the stores to follow. He also said that even when this phase was over they would still be progressing and developing and working on the next phase of Disney store.

I won't go as far as to say I consider Mr. Fielding a close personal friend. But I will say I follow him on Twitter!

Most of the time when you follow most figureheads and icons on twitter it's really just their personally assistant writing blurbs from their date book schedule. But I assure you Disney fans the President of Disney stores is not only real he writes back. Go on try it... I'll wait.....

See?! I told you!

Sadly my only pic of Disney Store President

Now I don't know if Mr. Fielding realizes it or not but this is brand marketing at it's best! When a brand actually listens and communicates with customers they feel ownership in the product. It's not just a company, it is THEIR company. And I think most Disney fans who have either met or tweeted Mr. Fielding would agree with me when I say Disney stores are ours.


  1. Totally agree! Mr. Fielding was definitely the highlight of my weekend at the store! (and how have I not found your blog until now????)

  2. No clue! Maybe I should write more often. lol


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