Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

My trip to the Rally was interesting to say the least. When A friend of mine said that she was headed to DC for the Jon Stewart rally I immediately begged to bum a ride! The night before the rally I went to Philly to meet my trip companions and the first thing we did was come up with tshirt ideas. I was "fear itself" ;-).

The morning of the rally we didn't rush to get there before the crowds or the insanity. In fact we left the house at 9 rented, rented a van and stopped to get food on our way to DC. Now I will admit I am so anal about time and schedules but this was really nice. Sure we didn't get the rally when it started and we missed about an hour and a half of the festivities but so what?! We hopped in our van and blasted 80's music. We swapped stories and got really excited to be a part of the rally.
One of the cool things about modern technology and the companies who use it is even when you're miles away you can still be a part of something. We streamed the rally though our van speakers on the ride up. So truly we didn't miss anything.

When we took the metro into DC and it was still packed with rally goers.

As we walked through the streets of Washington DC we saw people with signs and in costumes. And everyone was being civil! I was so surprised. No protests against the rally, no one ripping apart other's signs, just this electric energy of just being part of something bigger than yourself. Now from where I stood I couldn't see the stage or hear what was going on but it was still amazing.

I even got to check into FourSquare and got 6 badges in the process! ;-)

As we stood in the National Mall we snapped pictures and compared rally signs me and my friends actually had a few people ask to take pictures of our shirts!  We also were stopped by a news crew for Philly.com and were interviewed!

In later news reports I read that I was one of over 200,000 people. That alone made the trip worth while! I don't know if Jon Stewart got his point across- that in reality we are civil people who get along for the most part no matter what we believe- but I do know for that moment in time there were thousands of people getting along just fine.

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  1. So cool! My brother lived near DC at the time (has since moved to South Carolina) and got to go to the rally. Obviously I was jealous! Still, we watched the bulk of it on TV and had been watching the progress up to it on Comedy Central. So glad you had such an awesome time! What a great experience!


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