Thursday, November 18, 2010

Notes for Disney Store NYC blog post

Ok it is taking me WAY longer than I thought to write this thing. So for the moment I will give a glimpse into the jumbled wasteland of my brain and post my notes for my up coming blog post....

I'm a dork!

My thoughts:
  1. Not as big as I thought it would be.
  2. Interactive areas for kids few and far between and not amazing.
  3. Two stories and actually quite small.
  4. Other stores are going to be designed to look like this one.
  5. D23 event a lot of people.
  6. Not a lot of food. Fruit, bagels
  7. The president was awesome. Spoke honestly about the store and what he hoped for the future of Disney stores.
  8. Cast member who helped me was amazing kind and went beyond the call of duty to make sure I had a good day.
  9. The art on the walls was beautiful. The trees that have images on them were cool.
  10. The area to build your own Cars car was cool but it seems as though kids won’t be allowed to touch anything.
  11. The NYC exclusive merchandise may be this store’s only claim to individuality and its only drawing point. Why bother otherwise when you can buy the merchandise online or in your own Disney store.
  12. Yes it’s two stories but when I went to the redesigned store in Cherry Hill NJ it had a lot of the same features just smaller.
  13. Meeting Jodi Benson was unbearably cool. It was only a few moments of her signing our paintings and then being ushered through the line but it was a lot of fun. And something to tell the grandkids.
  14. I mainly bought my painting so Jodi Benson would sign it. It is very cute and I have every intention of framing it and putting it on my wall. I do think $137 is a lot of money but it was all for fun. 
  15. The NYC exclusive vinylmations were so cute but there was so much “buy it cause it’s rare” energy in the air. I don’t know if anyone stopped to look at them.
  16. The event started around 7:30 where we were ushered in to the store and handed a pair of mickey ears.
  17. I kept feeling like there should be more store. Like if I went around another corner there would be more to see. But alas it was just a double decker Disney store. Beautiful but not a lot there. I wished there was a place to hold parties or large events.


  1. The Disney Store by my house is TINY, not to mention that there is virtually no merchandise for anyone over age 12 except for coffee mugs. That's the main reason I reeeeeally want to check out the Times Square one. I want adult merchandise!

  2. There is a section in the back with adult Merch although it did feel like slim pickings. But there was plenty of NYC adult Disney merch upfront.


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