Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disney Store NYC Part 2

By popular demand here is part 2 of my Disney store NYC post. Let my start by finishing up the D23 event. When we last left our hero she was shopping in the downstairs part of the Disney store....

As you head of the escalators you get a way better view of all of the art on the walls and a panoramic view of the first floor. In fact I have a couple of friends who went up and down the escalator taking pics. I admit I rode the escalators several times just to see the view. Despite all of my disappointments it really is a gorgeous store.
The second floor of Disney store NYC seems to be where all of the magic lives.  There are enchanted trees that display video of characters, falling leaves, and hidden Mickeys!

 Another cool part of the store was the build your own Cars car. I really wish I remembered the proper title to this store section. But I remember it being cool. I did notice that children weren't really allowed to touch anything (please correct me if I am wrong.) And that seemed very odd to me.

There is a very large two story castle in the back of the room. Which, by the way, almost made me forgive turning 4 floors into 2. I mean it was a castle that any child would be happy to play princess or knight in!

The most interactive part of the store was a gazebo smack in the middle of the second floor. Ok maybe it was along the back wall but it seemed like the middle of the floor. This was fairly large, considering it held several adults comfortably. What made this interactive was the table for children (kids at heart) can draw and color. But the COOLEST part is that there is a large screen in the back of the gazebo that can play scenes from Disney movies and TV shows at a push of a button.

Now back to the D23 event. The gazebo with the large screen was where the rest of the day's festivities were held.

This is the part where the lovely Mr. Fielding talked about the future of Disney stores and mistakes of the past. (Like Piglet on a menorah.) When i asked Mr Fielding admitted that as soon as this wave of store renovations was done it would probably only be the beginning of bigger and better changes. :-)
 The best part was that Jodi Benson was coming and she was signing paintings! The problem was at the time I did not have one and because of the $130 price tag I thought maybe I should sit this purchase out. Well as Mr. Fielding was talking you could feel the excitement in the air before Jodi entered the room. I rushed over to the cashiers and asked for a painting. Best purchase ever! We lined up and Jodi talked with us asked names and signed paintings. As I told one cast member, you never forget you first Disney movie!

I look SO bad in this pic....

And that was it. The end. A few more hours of shopping way more merch than I needed and a fun times hanging out with friends and meeting new tweeps. ;-) I hope to revisit the store again soon. Hopefully this time I will be WAY less cynical!
Jodi Benson!

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  1. Been meaning to stop by here & tell you how much I love the voice and look of your blog. I lurk and read more than I post - time issue - but I appreciate your contributions to the Disney community. You are indeed a cool Disney insider. (I think I might be a member of the chess club.:P )


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