Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ok gang... So I went to the Doctors today for a flu shot (I hate flu shots!) One of my "favorite" parts of  doctors visits is the weigh-in.
Now I knew I was gaining weight. Last year in August I weighed 211 (Yes that is still obese but it was good for me.) Now I have a whole host of excuses as to how and why I got so big...
1. I have a very sedentary lifestyle. 2. I drank a lot this summer while at grad school and ate horrible food. 3. My AWESOME Disney vacation (p.s. expect a blog or two about that trip soon.)
But these are all excuses. I have a gym membership and I have done weight watchers in the past so I know how to lose weight I just NEED to do it.
So back at the doctors I hop on the scale. I set the big bar to 200 and then start adjusting the little bar. 220, 230, 240?!?!?!? Two hundred and fifty pounds!!!! Ok that's bad! I haven't been that big since college and to put that perspective I graduated May 2007.

Now as part of my new blogging mission I have decided to keep track of my weight and weight loss on a bi-weekly basis. Maybe having the support of others will make this a lot easier. Wish me luck and remember I'm not fat I'm CURVY! ;-)


  1. I look forward to reading your progress... You can do it. Get healthier. 1 drink, more veggies. Just call me Jenny, Jenny Craig. Well, that is what my husband calls me...


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