Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is in a name?

This (like my other 3 posts) will be relatively short... But I realized that I have a weird screenname. DragynAlly?! What the...
Ok like other words you learned as a child it should be broken down phonetically.

Drag-in (or more simply Dragon) and Al-lee.  Dragon Ally. So why would someone who's name is anything but Ally and definately not Dragon choose such a screenname? Well that too requires a little breakdown.

Dragons are symbols usually of strength. I was once told they were symbols of inner strength and this stuck with me. As a kid I was often picked on and felt emotionally and socially weak. I adopted the symbol of dragons to hopefully bring some of that strength to myself and my persona. It helped.

Now as an "adult" (I refuse to believe in adulthood btw ;) I am not as easily hurt by the stupidity of others. But I keep the Dragon with me.

The Ally is actually the easier part to explain. My name IS Ally. But before you get all mad at me and say I lied to on twitter and facebook and you thought my name was Dana, my middle name is Allyn. Drop the N and you have Ally..... And that's what's in a name. ;-)


  1. I feel better now that I understand!

  2. I am a complicated individual! :-)

  3. I too want to hear about your progress. I dont know if it helps but try to give up your car somewhat. Bus rides + walking can be healthy. AND I want to hear about Disney! :)

  4. Whew!! That's kind of deep. (-: Hello there who ever you are and thanks for the awesome blog.


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