Thursday, December 18, 2014

Catch some Star Wars Yo Yo Mania #StarWars #Giveaway

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

So there are a few days where I start to feel that word I never thought I'd be... old. I start looking at some of the toys that "kids these days" are playing with and start to long for the days of simple toys. Something like playing with a stick out back, playing with action figures. You think that since most kids know how to work an iPad these days there's no call for the toys of your youth like a ball, a baseball bat, toy sword, yo yo...

I yo yo is strong with this one!
Oh wait!

Yep that's a Yo-yo from Yomega. Just like you remembered it. And not only that but it's a cool one with the Star Wars logo on the front and Darth Vader's face on the reverse. And something that the kids today have that I wish that we could have had is a cool Darth Vader stand to keep it on. Now that's cool! Now it's been a little while since I've done this and I wasn't an expert back then but when I tried this little dandy out I found it's a lot like riding a bike (or using a yo yo apparently). And I was actually able to get the yo yo to do a stall and walk the dog, something I was never able to do when I was a kid.

Now that's cool!
I think if you put this guy into the hands of a kid with any kind of talent and free time he could be doing better tricks than me over a weekend. I love it because it's so easy to use and so cool. I'm not a fan of just anything the Star Wars logo on it and this is super cool! Perfect for any kid or geeky guy like me that wants to get a childhood toy back. Just don't be surprised if you find out you have a yo yo wizard on your hands.

And now you can enter to win one of your very own. Rules are in the rafflecopter.

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The Ultimate Visual History of the TMNT!

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

If you're a fan like me and DragynAlly you know that you are a mass of random trivia and facts about all the Turtles. You can spout them at a moments notice and your friends and family are frankly tired of hearing everything that you know about either the movies, the comic books, and the cartoons. So what present do you get that TMNT geek in your life? How about a complete visual history of the entire franchise?

The only book on Turtle Trivia you'll ever need!

Yeah it's a heavy looking one. And here are ten things that you need to know about it.

  1. It's a complete history of the Turtles from the start of the comics to the latest movie and animated series. So you can pick up tidbits and trivia from your favorite movie or one of the movies or comics you don't know.
  2. It's the perfect coffee table book. It not only looks good on display in your living room but will start many a party conversation.
  3. It's got huge pictures in detail behind the scenes of the movies, comic book art, and merchandise. Just scanning through the pictures alone is well worth the price.
  4. Find concept artwork from Eastman and Laird and other principal artists and animators from the movies. See what the turtles looked like before they hit our screens.
  5. Get a sneak peak of the newest movie. You can also see a lot of concept art from the newest Nickelodeon Series too.
  6. Learn how Eastman and Laird first started the first comic books and designed the characters from the ground up.
  7. I love all of the behind the scenes from the first live action movie. Seeing the Turtles as models in the Jim Henson Creature Shop is like watching Santa make your toys in the workshop.
  8. Find random trivia from even the most random moments in Turtle history like the 90's "Coming Out of their Shells Tour" live stage show sponsored by Pizza Hut.
  9. Learn about Characters you didn't even remember existed like Venus, a fifth girl Turtle that came about in the "Next Mutation" Fox Kids show.
  10. I have to end with the awesome cover art. On it you see all four turtles each drawn in a different animation style reminiscent of a different animated series from their history. You can't get any better than that.

TMNT Blimp #TMNT #TMNTHoliday

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

So we were this real cool TMNT blimp from Nickelodeon. It's awesome but I find myself running out of words with which to wax poetic about it. So let's go straight to the list.

The Turtles have taken to the air!
Things that are good:
  1. Retro TMNT Fans will think it's awesome. I mean we put some of our Retro Figs on their and they just looked cool.
  2. New TMNT Fans will think it's awesome. It's really made for he new action figures and holds up to five of your favorites.
  3. It's easy to assemble. It took the least amount of time to assemble of all the things that Nickelodeon gave us. You can have it up and running in a few minutes.
  4. It's interactive. You can drop the Turtles down into battle on rapelling lines that you can activate with the puts of a button. How cool is that?
  5. You can carry it by the back handle and make it fly or hang it up by the hole on top from the ceiling or any other high place. So it's versatile. Your kids can fly it around the room or it can be a stationary playset.
Things that are not so good:
  1. It doesn't do much. It doesn't have rockets to shoot or anything it can either fly or stay put. That's it.
  2. It's kinda huge. It takes up a lot of space in your room and is probably best suited for a play are or a playroom. You could probably deflate it and reinflate it at will but with the lung power we used to put it up we're inclined to keep it that way for good once it's up. 
  3. The rapelling hooks need a full read though on the instructions before they can be used properly. It's actually kinda hard to figure out how these rappelling hooks work. Supposedly you're supposed to push the green button and it works but it never went quite as smoothly for me. Maybe a second read of the instructions could help.
  4. You feel like it should do more when in reality it just looks really cool but doesn't do much. I can't reiterate this enough. Other than look cool it does nothing.
  5. It doesn't stand up on it's own. So when your child puts it down to continue with the game or stage a fight on the top of it or other cool kid stuff if it's not hanging up it's going to fall. So that's about it.
Don't get me wrong. I believe everyone should go out and get one. It's an awesome thing. Just don't expect it to do much!