Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank You Curvy Bride!

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I am getting NOTHING for writing this post. I am just really excited to tell everyone that I put the down payment on my dress and I AM STOKED!

My Dress is SO FAB it's in the Window!

Hello guys and dolls! I know we have until next May but I am still so very excited for my wedding. As many of you already know I love The Curvy Bride. They are a bridal shop that caters to brides size 18 and up (bridal size 18 that is). That means a curvy girl such as myself can walk into their shop with confidence that the sample will fit me. And trust me I have had issues with dresses and size before. A few weeks ago (September 26 to be exact) I went in to try on my dress and put down my 75% payment. When I arrived I saw my beautiful blush Maggie Sottero in the window. Yes MY. I had tried it on before. I just couldn't buy it yet. When I went in a received the warmest welcome ever from Paige and Michelle. They've known me for over a year now and I consider them both really good friends. My mom grabbed a seat and Paige grabbed my dress off the mannequin and brought it to the dressing room. As I was pinned in it I just knew it was meant to be. I came out and I felt amazing but still like myself. After me and my mom agreed (again) that this was my dress Paige gave us champagne to toast the occasion. Then back in the dressing room Paige did my measurements and wrote them down. When she came back I tried on a different Maggie in a size closer to my own. She told be (very discretely) that I was between 3 sizes 24, 26 and 28... What? I love that she was discrete in the shop but you all know I don't keep secrets from you. Any way. The second Maggie I tried on was a 26. It fit me well and would only need a few alterations. Perfect! I ordered my Maggie Sottero in that size and put my payment on the dress. I can't wait for you all to see me in it! I would share it now but Dr. Fronkensteen might see it and I'm old fashioned. What do you think? Love my dress? Thanks again to The Curvy Bride for being fabulous and wonderful and making me feel so special.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hi There! Big Hero 6 Review #BigHero6 #MeetBaymax

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Disclaimer/Disclosure: We were invited to a free press screening (even though we saw it at NYCC!). Any and all opinions are our own. We try our very best to keep reviews spoiler free but one man's common knowledge is another man's spoiler. "Baymax is a robot?!"

Hello guys and dolls this is your friendly neighborhood DragynAlly and Dr. Fronkensteen give you the coolest review of Big Hero Six. We had the rare opportunity to see a prescreening of this I'm at Comic Con, which we've already talked about, but because the mix was not the same and they were still tweaking some things and adding the end credits scene we just knew we had to jump on the chance to see this prescreening to give you a up-to-date review.

She said: It's deep, emotional and touching. It’s heart felt warm and deals with loss without being preachy.

He said: There are moments that I cried. It is a tearjerker but still action-packed and very funny.

She said: It's a movie the whole family can enjoy. There’s action, touching family moments, love, joy , friendship. Everything you really want an emotionally satisfying movie.

He said: All the characters are very well-rounded from Hiro and BayMax and their relationship to all the others. Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred were all funny but deep when they needed to be.

She said: The movie also has enough to listen turns to make you second-guess what's going on it doesn't play down to its audience is actually quite deep and does a lot of things that you're really good superhero movies and action movies do

He Said: You could tell that it was a Disney animation movie. You can tell that this was from the same great creative geniuses and made Wreck-it Ralph land Frozen but you can also tell that this is a Marvel movie. I mean it was a superhero movie  and a science fiction movie from the start. It was packed with action adventure.

She said: I think the final resolution was a bit rushed depending on whether or not this is the only movie in the series or if they're going to do more or do a series about this movie. If it is the only movie then yeah definitely rushed. It was only one confrontation with one villain. However if this is beginning of the series it was excellent origin story that leaves us wanting more.

He said: The Hiro and  BayMax relationship is very rich and heartwarming. It's something that you would think upfront is going to be just a "buddy cop" scenario but it really was a friendship that you didn't think was going to happen.

They said: There was no character overload and no character seemed out of place. Everyone seemed to be well-rounded and got enough exposure time in the movie which is really hard when you're taking on something like this.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Interview Elisha Caplan Bridal Headpieces

All Pictures Provided by Elisha Caplan
Hello guys and dolls! As many of you know I am getting married next year. I am SO excited. What I didn't realize is not only would I need a dress but a veil (or headpiece) is also a must. Meet my new friend Elisha Caplan you can check out her website. I wanted to interview her about her shop and bridal. THEN I'll go back and ask her about headpiece ideas. Check out the fabulous pics and her thoughts on her shop and all things bridal:

• Tell me about yourself.

I graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Fashion Design in 2007. 

Sewing and creating is my passion. Once I knew I wanted to design hats as well 

as bridal accessories I spent time studying with the talented Anya Caliendo where 

I learned advanced couture millinery techniques. 

I am based in central New Jersey, and currently, my collection is available in 

over one dozen stores in five states!

• What’s your favorite color?

My Favorite color is pink! Specifically bright pink!

• What inspired you to start designing Wedding Accessories?

A few years ago I was asked to design a feather headpiece for a bride and I fell 

in love with the whole process. From the purchasing of all the materials to the 

creation I knew I found my nice in the fashion market.

• What is your favorite piece you’ve created?

That is such a tough question! I have so many pieces that I love! I would say 

my most treasured piece though is one I created in Anya Caliendo’s Advanced 

Millinery Course. It is a top hat. To date it was the most challenging piece I have 

hand sewn from start to finish. 

• What do you hope brides feel when they receive one of your custom headpieces?

I want her to feel beautiful. I want her to glow. It is very important to me 

that when I create something for my customer she feels one hundred percent 

comfortable in what she is wearing and absolutely loves it!! 

• What inspired your caplet designs?

Great question! It was more of a need that the idea came to me than an 

inspiration. I know many brides wear strapless gowns, yet they need have their 

shoulders covered during the ceremony. The usual answer to this is to wear a 

simple shawl or a little bolero/jacket. I thought why not make something stunning 

and stylish and beautiful that also fulfills the bride’s need to be more covered?

• Did you start out wanting to work in bridal or did the opportunity present itself


The opportunity presented itself later. I have been sewing since I was seven 

years old. I always knew I wanted to work in fashion I just was not sure what. 

• You know my friends from The Curvy Bride. How do you find such great people

and shops to work with?

Oh yes Michelle! My assistant, Rita actually found the Curvy Bride. She was 

looking on local bridal websites one day. She called and spoke to Michelle and 

we made an appointment to come in and show her my collection! 

I have met many great shops to work with the though word of mouth, sending 

emails and making phone calls and of course NY Bridal Market. 

• If you could sell a custom hairpiece to any celebrity who would it be and why?

Wow! Hmmmm... Okay she would not be a celebrity, because she is a Duchess.. 

The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)! I absolutely love her sense of 

effortless style. She is pure sophistication. The Duchess looks amazing in hats 

of all kinds and I would love to one day have the special honor of creating 

something one of a kind for her. 

• What's your favorite bridal trend?

My favorite bridal trend I keep seeing, and that is not going anywhere anytime 

soon is the addition of color to the bridal wardrobe! Whether it is in the shoes, the 

jewelry, the headpiece/veil or even going as bold as the gown, hints of color are 

everywhere! I absolutely love it, especially when it is my favorite color!

• What would be your advice to a bride who can't decide what kind of hairpiece to

wear with her dress?

I tell my brides, first she needs to have her dress, and second, she needs to know 

her hairstyle! Once those are settled she can think about what is going in her 


Nowadays, many times the bride will actually opt for both! A birdcage or 

traditional veil can be worn for the ceremony. Afterwards a small clip or comb 

can be slipped in the hair for the reception!

Is there anything else you want people to know about you or your designs?

Everything is hand made with love in New Jersey!