Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Year's Eve Selfie Station #OrientalTrading

Disclaimer/Disclosure: We were given items to review. Any and all opinions are our own.

Hello Guys and Dolls! The New Year is upon us (where did the old one go). If you are like me you like to party... But in the comfort and safety of your own home. Our friends at Oriental Trading can hook you up with a lot of fun goodies to help you ring in the new year in style.

In our case Dr. Fronkensteen and I made a selfie station. It is a fun way to capture all of the memories. We also created a fun video review to show you all how we used all of the fun things we got from Oriental Trading.

One thing we forgot to mention is the shimmer curtain we received was HUGE! Even though we did a selfie station it could as easily be used for family and friend pictures or a photo booth. We stuck with selfie station but if you exchange cameras or set up a timer everything we did can be done photo booth style.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Also if you can use what we did OR pick from the great selection from Oriental Trading. Also check out our Instagram feeds here: and here: You'll be able to see all of the fun we had with our selfies! Hashtag #orientaltrading

What do you think? What would you use to create a selfie station?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fire Escape Free File #TMNT #TMNTHoliday

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

There's a fire escape on my night stand!

Sometimes you meet a toy that needs no introduction. Meet the TMNT Fire Escape Free Fall. It's a Zip Line Playtex for your TMNT Action Figures. Do I need to say more for you to start picturing your favorite Heroes on a Half Shell plunging to the rescue? I thought not. So let's get straight to the review.

Really Cool Things!
  1. I wish that I had this when I was a kid. This is one of those times where I really am jealous of the newer generation.
  2. They're very fun to play with. I'm a tinkerer and lover of little devices like this so I think finding the best angles for the Turtles to slide down and how to rig it up very intriguing.
  3. It's based off the TV show. The fire escape and the Gargoyle launcher are styled with cool graphic to make it seem like they were ripped right from the cartoon. That's epic!
  4. The launch system is cool! I love being able to pull the rip cord on the launcher and send a Turtle flying. That's just cool!
Pull the Cord and Let Her Rip!
Some Not So Cool Things!
  1. It doesn't work "exactly" like you think! Technically you're supposed to be able to get your turtle to hit a target and drop the fires escape holding Shredder to the floor. I got it to work once and that's it. I was never able to reset it properly.
  2. It's a unitasker. After your child has played with it once or twice they're going to want to know what they can do next. This Playtex really doesn't inspire creativity or any good playmaking scenarios. They're going to want to create more things you can do with it. Which leads me to...
  3. If you give a child 20 bucks and take him to a hardware store he could design a better rig. The green string that you're zip lining from is about the same stuff masonry twin is made out of. If you had an old enough kid who knew how to work eye bolts and do some rudimentary rigging all you would need is the one zip line pulley to make a better zip line rig than what they give you.
  4. You need a lot of room. The good news is that if you have a lot of  3M strips you can take it and move it anywhere. The problem is that while it's up its a serious trip hazard.

Go to the Wood! #IntotheWoods

Disclaimer/Disclosure: we were invited to an early screening of Into the Woods. Any and all opinions are our own. We will try to keep this as spoiler free as possible but one man's common knowledge is another man's spoiler, "Into the Woods is based on a stage show?!"

Hello guys and dolls! I want to start this review by saying I just saw the stage musical (operetta) a few weeks before seeing this movie. Dr. Fronkensteen has seen it a few times and told me I had to see the stage version first. I only slightly agree... By seeing the stage version first I was able to see how they changed things or left things to make the best movie possible. I was also able to appreciate the story telling I was watching on screen. However I won't tell you that you need to see the stage version. Into the Woods the movie stands up very well on it's own two feet. Now after my long intro let's go into "he said, she said" and we can both tell you what we think.

He said: They made exactly the same changes I would have made to make the story cohesive for the movie.

She said: The elements of Into the Woods that were once characters talking to the audience were changed into interesting flashback or integrated moments. It made the story more visually appealing for a movie.

He said: They cut out 2 of my favorite songs and because I love the stage version I missed them.

She said: I didn't remember the songs were there...

He said: They played up the comedy to make it more family friendly when the stage version (and Sondheim) is very dark.

She said: The "second act" of the Into the Woods is missing a few tonal moments that were in the play. It changes it from adult humor to family fun times. In other words take the kids.

He said: I think Johnny Depp was great as the Wolf but wasted on a part that is really only a cameo. I wish he could have been in more. Other than that I was ready to hate Meryl Streep as the Witch but ended up liking it. The rest of the principal cast was spectacular as well.

She said: Jack and Little Red being actual kids was a bit awkward for those of us who know the stage show. Johnny Depp was amazing! Meryl Streep took my favorite character from the stage show and did her justice!

Those are our thoughts. Are you going to see it? If you have seen it what do you think?