Wednesday, April 23, 2014

National Firefighters' Day is May 4th #Giveaway

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

Have I mentioned how much I love interactive books? Well I really do. It's one thing for a child to read but when a kid can interact with what they are reading it takes it to a whole other level. Firefighter by Silver Dolphin books is a perfect interactive book for your preschool aged kids. It has large font, simple language and a clear message about firefighters and fire safety.

At first it seems like a simple rhyming picture book. But it is so much more. When you open the book you will see huge puzzle pieces in the shape of firefighter equipment. As you and your child read they can add the pieces and help the firefighter do their jobs. It can also help to teach kids shapes and object recognition.

At the end of the book kids are rewarded by a full pop-up of the fire truck. Firefighter is simple and easy to read with big pieces that are perfect for little hands. It is easy to use and a lot of fun. It would be a great gift or it can be used as a teaching tool. Especially when Firefighters' Day is May 4th and kids can learn more about firefighters and fire safety.

Now you and your little one can win a copy of this great book! Rules in the rafflecopter. I wish you be the best of luck.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Character Playlist

I am a Character!
Over in the Fronkensteen Lounge I wrote a post called Character Development 101. I gave several tips about fleshing out your character and making them real. One of the things I suggested was creating a character playlist.

Take out your iPod or other musical device or go to YouTube. Now find the songs that you think your character might listen to and listen to them all the way through. If it fits write it down and look up the lyrics. As you do this your character will start to take shape.

Since I just got back from a trip and I didn't know what to write I decided to think of myself as a character and pick 9 songs that describe who I am. Ready?

  1. Janet Jackson: Love Would Never Do Without You
  2. Matchbox 20: Mad Season
  3. Lil Kim: The Jump Off
  4. A Goofy Movie: 121 (eye to eye)
  5. Michael Bolton: How Can We Be Lovers
  6. Hercules: Won't Say I'm in Love
  7. Tracy Chapman: Fast Car
  8. Pat Benatar: Invincible
  9. Alabama: I'm in a Hurry 
I won't explain why but I've included the YouTube links to all of the songs. What do you think? What kind of person does this sound like to you?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Getting Organized With @PixieDustDiary

Editor's Note: Lynn from My Pixie Dust Diary is awesome! Enjoy. 

Dana's away and I'm here to play!  I want to thank Dana for letting have a little piece of her fantastic site while she's away.

Have you ever had one of those days where your to do list was a mile long but you really didn't feel like doing anything?  I'd love to share a couple of tips with you to help you get organized for your next Disney trip, vacation, holiday, celebration or whatever without doing too much work right this minute.

*Have a plan - the thing most people miss is having a plan.  Grab a notebook and funky pen, curl up on the couch and start making lists during the commercials of your favorite show.  Think about your big picture and all the pieces that will complete your puzzle.  Do you need to send out invites?  What do you want them to say (just bullet points with the who, what, where, when, why, how are fine for now or take the time to come up with the cute sayings now too)?  Do you have a theme?  What are you going to eat? Wear? Do?  Make a separate list for each topic and when you're ready to get started you'll already have a plan together.

*Make a board - Pinterest is a wonderful place (just ask Dana - she's there!).  A place that will suck hours and hours from your life if you're not careful.  It's so much fun to scroll through "Everything" and see all the amazing things out there that you could do some day.  Focus a search on something specific and make a board just for that topic.  When you're ready to get started on the holiday meal, you'll already have all your recipes together or craft projects to make or things to buy.  Having an excuse to be on Pinterest = AWESOME!

*Just Because - During a veg out session, check out etsy to find some super cute note cards that fit your style.  Once they arrive, grab your address book and hit the couch.  Take a few minutes to write some special people a "just because" card.  It's fabulous to get something in the mail besides bills so even though you're taking some time to rest, you'll be brightening other people's days at the same time!

*Catch up - you've probably got a million blog posts to catch up on in your RSS feed or reader like Digg.  Count this as research for a future post for your site, catching up on the latest from your favorite tv show or on recent events with your friends.  

We all need a little break every now and again but can't always enjoy the break with a large to do list looming.  Hopefully these tips will help you take that much needed break but still get a thing or two crossed off your list.  Do you have any other ways to get some work done while relaxing?  Share them in the comments with us!