Thursday, November 27, 2014

Share your light this Thanksgiving. #thankfulness #dragynsteen

So if you're reading this post at the same time you're looking at your news feed you're probably asking me, "What is there to be thankful for this season?" If  yours looks like mine it's probably full of stories of hatred and unrest, political incompetence, the falling of heroes, and at the very least a realization that you still live in a world where they're trying to make a Ghostbusters sequel. (Dear Lord WHY!!!). Let's face it, the internet has dropped all of the darkness of the world right at all of our doorsteps and maybe now more than ever we're looking at the holiday season with less hope and cheer than we thought we would. If I dare say some of us are looking at it with a sense dread.

This is the girl that lights up my life. 
Well I don't have a particular fix to the feeling of dark dread. I think anyone who said they did is probably selling something. I just know what I did that helped. I found myself putting the phone down...turning off the screen...and just looked around me. I was in a new home in New Jersey. I just got off of my first professional theatre gig, and I'm spending the rest of my days with the single most beautiful girl in the world. And it just so happens she's the girl I'm going to marry. I have music and I have a craft that I enjoy. I have Red Robin and I have Wawa. (If you don't I'm so sorry for you!) When I look around my immediate surroundings I realized that I am overwhelmed in a sea of blessings. Yes the world seems dark but I cannot let them overshadow the blessings that feed my joy.

When is the last time that you have counted your blessings? Seriously? When is the last time you got off Facebook and looked around t take stock of yourself? I bet if you took the time to count each and every blessing that makes you smile in a given day you would see that there is a bright beam of sunshine that helps to dispel the darkness. Are you running a little low on blessings? Schedule some time with the friends and family that makes you smile this Thanksgiving. Have a drink and let them share their light with yours. A little light brightens your day. The light of others combines can drown out the starts with their brilliance. Be the light.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Keep Warm and Fuzzy with the Beard Ski. @zekebeardski

Hello guys and dolls Dr. Fronkenstein here giving you a great cold-weather gift for that guy in your life. Do you have a baby face guy in your life who just doesn't like the cold weather or is always complaining about how cold his face is when y'all go out for a morning jog? Enter the Beardski a great way to keep your face warm without putting on a full ski mask or have ski mask and look like a weirdo in public. It covers your face just like a half ski mask and even fits snug with Velcro behind your neck. But instead of a plain black ninja look this muffler gives you a long beard that would put even ZZ Top to shame.

Am I still a Sharp dressed man?
I love the beard ski a lot it's very cute it's a very funny thing to wear in fact I would wear it all the time It's very warm and comfortable it's secure, no slipping off your face. And the thing that I really love is that unlike scarves for people wearing glasses it doesn't fog up your glasses when you breathe. Alot of times when I am wearing a scarf the glasses will fog up from the steam and I'm constantly having to take them off to clean them. But thanks to a wonderful hole for your nose to fit through the air goes out where it does normally.

Okay let's talk about a little bit of the problems.  For one it fits so tight you're not going to be able to talk. It's great and keeps your face really warm but if you're talking to the person next to you it's very difficult for them to hear you even know it has this mesh screen for you to talk through (and for more important reasons breathing) you're not going to be heard. Number two is  the reason why most people don't wear a ski mask. When you're going to a public setting with a ski mask you look exactly like a bank robber And there'is a public stigma to wearing a ski mask in public. The beardski is supposed to work around this by looking silly and funny but before I went into any store I would take this thing off just so I wouldn't risk it

Either a robber or a TN boy just getting used to cold NJ winters.
If you're looking for a cute cold weather this is perfect! My fiancĂ© really loves it and says it looks very very warm.  This would be great for any father or boyfriend or any grandfather especially if they go out hunting in really cold weather. In cold damp weather this would work great.  I don't know about full on rain or snow because I don't know how the material works when it gets wet. But when the wins is blowing this is what I'll be reaching for this summer.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank You Curvy Bride!

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I am getting NOTHING for writing this post. I am just really excited to tell everyone that I put the down payment on my dress and I AM STOKED!

My Dress is SO FAB it's in the Window!

Hello guys and dolls! I know we have until next May but I am still so very excited for my wedding. As many of you already know I love The Curvy Bride. They are a bridal shop that caters to brides size 18 and up (bridal size 18 that is). That means a curvy girl such as myself can walk into their shop with confidence that the sample will fit me. And trust me I have had issues with dresses and size before. A few weeks ago (September 26 to be exact) I went in to try on my dress and put down my 75% payment. When I arrived I saw my beautiful blush Maggie Sottero in the window. Yes MY. I had tried it on before. I just couldn't buy it yet. When I went in a received the warmest welcome ever from Paige and Michelle. They've known me for over a year now and I consider them both really good friends. My mom grabbed a seat and Paige grabbed my dress off the mannequin and brought it to the dressing room. As I was pinned in it I just knew it was meant to be. I came out and I felt amazing but still like myself. After me and my mom agreed (again) that this was my dress Paige gave us champagne to toast the occasion. Then back in the dressing room Paige did my measurements and wrote them down. When she came back I tried on a different Maggie in a size closer to my own. She told be (very discretely) that I was between 3 sizes 24, 26 and 28... What? I love that she was discrete in the shop but you all know I don't keep secrets from you. Any way. The second Maggie I tried on was a 26. It fit me well and would only need a few alterations. Perfect! I ordered my Maggie Sottero in that size and put my payment on the dress. I can't wait for you all to see me in it! I would share it now but Dr. Fronkensteen might see it and I'm old fashioned. What do you think? Love my dress? Thanks again to The Curvy Bride for being fabulous and wonderful and making me feel so special.