Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Talking Raph for your Toddler #TMNT #TMNTHoliday

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all reviews are my own.

So if you saw my last post about the Halfshell Heroes Figure you'll know that I told you they were the hot new product line of TMNT figures for Toddlers. They're sturdy and don't have any small parts that would be a choking hazard. They're smaller and cuter and much safer for kids four and under. But one thing that the Leo Glider I told you about last time won't do is talk. That brings me to what I have today a bigger, six inch talking Raph!

A new addition to our TMNT collection!

Not only does Raphael and the rest of the Talking Turtle Line come with lots of pre recorded sound effects and phrases but he also has two big swinging limbs that are controlled by a lever in the back that swing them into ninja action. As you swing Raphael's Sais he talks back to you! He's big enough to fit into a smaller child's hands and is sturdy enough to deal with a day of rough play. And your kid will grow tired of him before he runs out of things to say.

Yes, those batteries are included!
Now one thing that I know about the world of talking toys and toddlers is that there will be one question on every parent's mind, "Does he ever shut up?" I noticed that while Dragynally and I were playing with him that no matter what you do, when his arms move he says something. And we've looked, there isn't an off switch. So we opened him up with a small phillips screwdriver and noticed that he runs off of four watch batteries. At any time if you need Raph to "lose his voice" in the line of duty you just have to remove those batteries and enjoy a temporarily quiet house.

But for a nice action toy that will hold your child's attention for a while this is the toy for you. He's amazing when he talks but just as interesting if the batteries were removed. The product line has not only Raphael but his three brothers, and Shredder so you can stop at just one or get all of them. Anyway your child is going to have a lot of fun with this one.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cha Cha Cha Chia Dude!!!

Chia  pets have been around for a long time, at least the 80's. And everyone knows how they work. You put the seeds in the grooves and make sure that they get plenty of water and in a few weeks or so your little pottery figure gets a new hair do. Chia pets have been famous and have licensed many pop culture icons like Scooby Do, Garfield, etcetera. But for this holiday season only one little Turtle is going to do you! It's time to meet the Donatello TMNT Chia pet!

A shell of a good plant!

This is the perfect gift for those among us who might have a little less than a green thumb. My interest level and skills in gardening go a little less than remembering to water everyday. All you have to do is soak the seeds and the terra cotta planter for an hour or so, make sure the seeds are spread evenly all over, and keep him moist for a few days. After that it's just refilling the planter everyday and seeing how much the seeds have grown. I love the chia pet because maintaining it borderlines on basic neglect and you get a nice lush coat the whole time.

But there are a few slight road bumps in the process if you're a first timer. I know this because I made them. As you can see my guy is a little sparse. This is because I didn't spread as many seeds on and take account for the fact that some were going to fall off in the beginning before they started to sprout. Also beware filling the planter or wetting the seeds under running water before they bloom because they like to wash off. But that being said once they started to sprout my little survivors have really begun to thrive. I've kept him right in the indirect sunlight of our cold mudroom and he's looking this good so I think we've shown that this guy is can thrive in subpar conditions.

This would be a perfect gift for a child or any Turtle fan that wants something a little different. If you baby him in the beginning he's the most low maintenance planter you'll find. And with a life span of about four weeks and at least three plantings worth of seeds in a package you'll have these guys for a long time.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

TMNT Toy For Toddlers! #tmnt #tmntholiday

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

So we've been talking a lot about toys for kids or kids at heart. But what about the little-little kids? Are there toys out there for the little guys that will start their indoctrination into Turtle-Mania at an early age? (No Dr. Fronkensteen, not the children!) Yes the children! And for our little Toddler Turtle lovers I give you the Half Shell Heroes!

He's so cute!!!
This is Leo! If you notice he was given a more cute and cuddly exterior. On top of that he's made from a far more durable plastic without little parts that are going to become dislodged and become choke-hazards. Also he's much more durable for some rough and ready play. People who've read this blog enough know that I used to work in a nursery. That means I know that once a toddler gets a hold of a toy that they like they go whole hog. This little Leo is gonna get thrown, dropped, and smashed up against things and he is gonna stand up to all of it with ease.

And did I mention he can fly? Well he can't really. But when you push the lever on the back of his glider up and down the wings flap up and down. See some video of the wings flapping on our Instagram here. You can detach Leo from his glider so that he can adventure solo but he can also take to the skies and do some exploring.  All of the cute Half Shell Heroes feature Leo and all of his Brothers and many more and I'm sure if your kid loves them as much as I do they all will be making a visit to your house soon!