Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pressing Restart... A #Giveaway

Hey guys and dolls! As many of you know I have been in school for the past 6 weeks. In fact I'm still here. So I can't stay long because I have a ton of work to do but I wanted to restart the blog. This is just a small giveaway for any of you who are around to read it. It's just to get us back into the swing of things and to celebrate my 4 year bloggiversary! I can't believe it's been that long. Any way enjoy. Share with friends. I promise to be back to 100% asap.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Tiggly App Review

06-26-2014 ipad 123
Disclosure: I received a set of Tiggly shapes to do this review.  All opinions are honest and my own.
06-26-2014 ipad 119
Hey y'all!  It's Lynn from My Pixie Dust Diary and I'm back again to share an app review with you.  My boys are 10 and 7 and last Christmas they received Nooks for reading and a few fun apps.  While we limit the time they're in front of a screen, their little sister feels left out and is always looking at pictures on the iPad while the boys are playing or reading.  I was hoping for big things when given the opportunity to do this review.

06-26-2014 ipad 121 The shapes arrived quickly and the package was easy enough to get into (if you've opened a kid toy, you know how important "easy to get into" is).
06-26-2014 ipad 131
We visited the app store and downloaded the three free Tiggly apps.  (Yes you read that right - there are three different apps and they're all free!!)  There are paid versions as well but the variety with the free apps keeps my princess more than happy for now.
06-26-2014 ipad 124
After the downloads, it took just a few minutes to get the apps set up and she was playing in no time.
06-26-2014 ipad 126
Since this was new to all of us, I showed her how to put the shapes on the screen a couple of times and she had it figured out.
06-10-2014 phone 063
We have an Otter Box on the iPad and for Tiggly to work best with the shapes on the screen, it really should be taken off.  Most of the time the shapes did register but there were also times it didn't work.  That lead to my princess banging the shapes on the iPad which isn't such a good thing.
06-10-2014 phone 075
I really like that the shapes also come with a bag to keep them in.  That helps keep track of them when she's not playing the game.
06-26-2014 ipad 122
Don't worry if you don't have the shapes - you can still download the apps and play without the shapes!   This is one of the best things about the apps.  Playing on the go is much easier without the shapes so having the option to turn using the actual shapes is wonderful.

In each of the apps you can keep your creation as a picture or create a video.  The boys like the video option because they understood they had to move the shapes and tell a story to make the video.   06-26-2014 ipad 136 At two, my daughter didn't quite understand all that.  She's just happy with the pictures and scrolls through them often.

06-26-2014 ipad 135

Overall, we love Tiggly.  The princess asks every day if she can play Tiggly and even the boys will sit down and play with her.  I can see this app being used in our house for quite a while.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

Back when Dana made the official "save the date" announcement, she started up a fun series called Wedding Wednesdays.  Over the next few weeks I'm going to share some fun wedding ideas with y'all that Dana may or may not (probably not - she already has a ton of amazing ideas!!) use in her own special day.

I got married almost ten years ago - long before Pinterest existed.  We did have the internet and I spent hours trying to find unique ways to make my wedding stand out from all the others we were attending.  Being a former preschool teacher who also worked in child development centers and as a nanny, I knew we'd have lots of kids at our wedding and I wanted them to be entertained.  Prior to the big day, I put together little goody bags for the kids with things like crayons, puzzle books, candy and little toys inside to help keep them occupied throughout the day.

Here are a few dragon themed things Dana could include for her big day:

Photo Credit
Fun dragon place mats for the kids to decorate

Photo Credit
Dragon activity sheets

Photo Credit

I'm pretty sure learning how to hatch your own dragon egg would be awesome!

Photo Credit 

A fun matching game is another great idea to keep the little ones entertained.

Keep in mind you could do this with any theme - it doesn't have to be dragons.  And if you're not on Pinterest (how can you not be?!?!?), you can always just Google your theme and click the Images option to see what's out there and appeals to you. 

One other fun thing we did at the reception that was kid centered was having a teddy bear toss when we did the bouquet and garter toss for the adults.  I could so see Dana and Ricky tossing out a dragon for one of the kiddos to catch!

Generally, the kids are finished with the meal before mom and dad are ready to get up.  To give the adults a bit more time to catch up, we had the dj play some kid themed music for the first half hour or so after dinner.  Nothing super annoying (maybe some songs from Disney movies or something like that) but "cool enough" that the kids got some of their sillies out and gave the parents a little time to breathe before sugaring them up with the cake :)

What's your tip for entertaining the kiddos during a wedding and/or reception?